San Francisco: February 20, 2014 -- Companies such as Google, Apple, Zynga and Twitter have the resources to find the world's top tech talent, no matter where they live, and move them to close to home. This also goes for tech startups those who are able, will hire the best, no matter where they live. But employee relocation "especially to San Francisco, the number one rental city in the US" is an especially stressful task, for the new hires themselves and corporate HR departments. That's why the Bay Area's top tech companies rely on Mark Venegas with Coldwell Banker to seamlessly place their relocating employees in excellent work/life rental spaces. The results include higher morale, lower turnover and better productivity - from day one.

Everyone knows what a pain moving is especially to an unfamiliar city. San Francisco can be a daunting, astonishingly competitive place to try to find any rental, let alone, one appealing with great amenities and good proximity to everything that makes it a world-class city. Since much of the world's tech business is in the Bay Area, San Francisco is the logical place to live - one of the world's most beautiful, vibrant cities with an easy commute to Silicon Valley.

But why would anyone starting a new, highly challenging tech job want to endure this kind of property search? Or go through the stress and hassle of applying for rentals and risking their luck in unknown neighborhoods? Especially if that new hire is not even from the US a lot of tech companies do worldwide recruiting.

This is where Coldwell Banker & Sales comes in to take care of everything. Many employees/renters that relocated to San Francisco and work for top tech companies including Google, Apple, Zynga, Twitter and more, as well as many tech startups have successfully used this rental agency to find the perfect rental residences in San Francisco, while handling all the paperwork, applications and details. Coldwell Banker works with landlords and real estate investors in all of San Francisco's most desirable neighborhoods, including SOMA, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, the Marina, the Mission, Potrero Hill, Russian Hill, Noe Valley and more. And because they specialize in work/life rentals -- furnished and unfurnished, long term and short -- for the tech industry, they know what tech people like.

The Coldwell Banker can provide even the smallest touches making new residents feel welcome from setting up utilities and unpacking rooms, to stocking the fridge and giving neighborhood tours. Their clients couldn't be more pleased. Moe Ibrahim, owner of the 3 Clarence Place loft complex in South Beach said, The folks at Coldwell Banker and Sales are truly exceptional. They have gone above and beyond what I would expect from any rental . The level of professionalism, their wide network and most importantly, the speed at which they work, is impressive on all fronts. I highly recommend them and will be using them for a long time to come!

Currently, Coldwell Banker has four rentals that would be perfect work/live spaces for any professional moving to San Francisco.

There are two at 3500 19th Stret:
  • 19th-St-302
  • 19th-St-207

Both properties are located in the Mission District, the historical and spiritual center of San Francisco.

One at 1078 Hampshire:
  • 1078-Hampshire-St-B
  • 1078-Hampshire-St-B-03
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