North Beach

North Beach, San Francisco, CA, is loved by locals and tourists alike for its character, variety, and beauty. It was even recognized as one of America’s Top 10 Great Neighborhoods by the American Planning Association in 2007. You can walk everywhere, including nifty side trips, which is definitely the best way to experience this fabulous scene. Also see our North Beach map, walking tours, and restaurants for additional information and ideas.Many best fun things to do are listed below. They make excellent starting points from which you can adventure out on your own.In North Beach you will find:
  • An amazing quality, quantity, and density of good cafes, coffee shops, & restaurants.
  • Ethnic culture galore. The hearts of Little Italy and China Town intertwine here.
  • Unmatched diversity. For example, big concentrations of both Italians and Chinese … locals who rarely leave and first-time tourists … office workers and free-spirit poets … homeless and multi-millionaires all mixing and happily enjoying the scene together.
  • Great walking. The neighborhood is quite compact and close to other interesting neighborhoods as well. For example, see walks.
  • Visually entertaining storefronts and architecture, several with historical significance.
  • Both busy sidewalks & quiet views of fabulous SF Bay, big flat parks & and steep hills
  • Beautiful relaxing days along with an active night life including lots of bars and girlie shows.
  • Excellent weather, generally year round and clock round. This is one of the most temperate parts of San Francisco
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